About us

Our goal is to be the best partner on the market in culturally adjusted implementation. We design and customize culture and context adjusted solutions.

Through adjustments to cultural and contextual variations we reduce risk exposure related to the implementation process for products, services, programs or projects, and make implementation more resource efficient.

Supported by our unique analysis and implementation tool, complemented by education and consultation, we adjust work done by organizations working in a complex environment to reflect to cultural and specific conditions.

The founder, Malin Idar Wallin, is a personal and behavioral scientist with specialized competence within psychology, leadership and organization, and she has a certification in Global Mental Health from Harvard Medical School. Malin has research experience in cultural and contextual factors within psychological treatment, Personality and burnout, and Leadership of volunteers working in crises, catastrophe and conflict in cooperation with The Swedish Red Cross and The Red Cross in South Sudan. She has several years of experience, ranging from leadership of multi professional teams and units, consultation work with non-profit organizations within leadership, as well as recruitment and preparation for missions abroad. Malin is also former President of Psychologists without borders.