Adaptive management and preperation

Our services within leadership and organization includes tools for customized recruitment and leadership skills adjusted to particularly challenging missions, leadership support and preparation for mission abroad. 

We work through Social Impact Management, management in consideration of the social context within which the organization operates.

Recruitment for field work and foreign assignments
Foreign assignments or field work abroad often entails great challenges and demanding conditions, and as such require the need for an accurate and for the mission adjusted recruitment process.

Through proven tests and a selective recruitment process to find the right candidates, with appropriate competence and personality palette, we secure well matched recruitment for the mission. We help you all the way from advertisement to support during time of mission.

Preparation workshop – cultural and contextual differences
Differences in social behaviors and social structures, work cultures, religiosity and living habits related to culture may feel surprising and sometimes challenging during mission abroad. 

The workshop about handling cultural differences provides skills and frameworks and thereby well prepared and conscious coworkers prepared for mission abroad.

Leadership development
Particularly challenging conditions like catastrophe or conflict, intercultural leadership or leadership in non-profit organizations require special focus on leadership. Globeattuned offers leadership development within special or particularly challenging leadership conditions. 

We also offer consultation in leadership from a specific cultural perspective. In this case, we use Globe Attuneds analysis tool when mapping and analyzing culture and context.