Adaptive development

Supported by our unique analysis tool and adjustments of methods and working models, we make your work sustainable, successful and resource efficient.

Our experiences from work in transcultural settings has shown the importance of mapping and taking cultural and contextual aspects in account for good results. Based on those experiences, along with experiences from working with behavioral change, Globe Attuned has developed an analysis toolkit for adaptive programming and adjusted implementation in an unknown culture and context, used for implementation of a program, product, project or service. The tool is developed and based on behavioral research and a transcultural psychiatric tool successfully used in transcultural settings.

Analysis tool and plan for implementation
Differences in behaviors and traditions related to culture and context makes it difficult to use a general model for implementation of products, programs, projects or services effectively. Behavioral changes are not easy to implement and requires knowledge of underlying factors. Research show that adjusted solutions are more resource effective, and an unsuccessful implementation may have great negative impact as well as being costly. Globe Attuned’s unique analysis tool and plan for implementation provides a resource efficient and customized implementation and adaptive programming through analysis of culture and specific context.

Cultural adjustments of mental health work
Ways of expressing and perceiving mental health problems differs substantially between cultures, and in many cultures mental health problems are also strongly stigmatized.

The need for culturally adjusted mental health work is global. Globe Attuned provides education and consultation in cultural adjustments of mental health work and helps aid organizations fulfilling their obligations of looking after their coworkers mental health.